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One in four people suffer from mental ill health, which may range from work related stress through to severe depression or psychosis that requires intensive support from a health professional.


Mainstay is an organisation that provides a wide range of support to individuals who live in the community.


As a specialist organisation, we also advocate on behalf of those we support, and we know that the relationship between poverty and mental health is often accumulative, with greater poverty impacting upon mental health and conversely poor mental health leading to further levels of social and financial exclusion.

For many, mental ill health has led to a loss of purpose and direction, and our support helps those we support to visualise their future and re-evaluate the opportunities available to them. The relationships that Mainstay builds with those using our service, offers them assurance that they can overcome many obstacles to participation.


Many of those we support need ongoing help as the risk of them experiencing depression and anxiety in unfamiliar environments or work related stress can remain significant. Indeed, those with mental ill health issues are twice as likely to lose a new job compared with those who do not.


While we provide a broad range of training activities, supported volunteering opportunities and other services, which enable our clients to gain qualifications and access employment, we know that providing our service users with new skills, building their confidence and helping them back into the workplace or education is often only the first step.

Mainstay has produced a Social Impact Value report that gives an overview as well as statistics  reflective of the value of the social impact of Mainstay Services in 2017-18.


In summary, the total Social Impact Value created for individual service users equal a total figure of £2,142,527. This equates to an average social value of £53,563 per service user.  

To access the full document click here. 

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